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April 11th, 2016

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Where is Kaylee? Grandpa Diary #56

June 3rd, 2014

Dear Kaylee,
It’s Monday and I didn’t see you this morning. Your mommy is on summer break from school now. I attended the graduations for her middle school and high school. They were very inspiring to see all the kids your mommy teaches move forward and for me to see all the seniors on our basketball team graduate, too. Your mommy was chosen by the students to be the speaker at graduation and she did very well. Some of her phrases sounded strangely familiar…
So, here’s the scoop. Nana and Grandpa don’t need to watch you while mommy is at school because she is on vacation. I could already see the change today because there were no puffs on the floor that I had to pick up when I left home. You know how you like to take a fist full of them and then try to get one into your mouth at a time? Usually, it’s more like a bread crumb trail in Hansel and Gretel from the living room to the office where you are trying to find me.
Well, you know Nana and I will see you often, just not five days a week (Actually, I can’t speak for Nana…). I know that I will “find” many more reasons to be out in Valencia this summer. I will go golfing out there with Uncle David and then say, “O, I wonder what Kaylee is doing?” In fact, I can do that when I am off on Fridays and then we can have some “Grandpa Day’s” this summer.
Love, Grandpa


Grandpa Diary #54

May 20th, 2014

Dear Kaylee,

Uncle David's Graduation

We sure had fun with you on Saturday as you and your mommy and daddy joined the rest of us as we watched your Uncle David graduate from college. It was very exciting to see him finish this leg in his life journey, and to have his niece there to watch!Uncle David received a very big award and so he got to sit on the stage right behind the podium where the speakers gave their speeches. I’m glad he behaved himself, because if he didn’t everyone would know…

You see, we were in the San Diego State Viejas Arena where Grandpa attended some basketball games with Uncle David. There were thousands of people and we were sitting way high up, but the whole arena could watch Uncle David time and again for almost three hours because he was on the jumbo screens above the court during the entire ceremony!

Kaylee, you loved the whole event. You were our little “pass around pack.” Between Daddy, Mommy, Nana, Grandpa, and Uncle Greg, you kept us entertained. And you also made sure you smiled a lot at the people sitting behind us.Then when we went out to eat later, Uncle David got to hold you, too. What a great day for all of us!




Grandpa Diary #51

April 10th, 2014

Dear Kaylee,

Well, you finally got to meet you mommy’s Grandpa, your Grandpa G. He came visiting with Nana G. and you had a lot of fun smiling at him and sitting with him. He likes that you are such a joy-filled baby and how you are crawling and climbing and trying to walk around tables and just going everywhere.
My favorite new thing is you are experimenting with many different solid foods now. Tiny chunks of chicken, sweet potato, carrots, and such. What makes this so hilarious is you have turned into a chipmunk.

You keep the food piling up in your cheeks and it takes a long time to swallow. We have to watch you so you don’t swallow too much a once. It’s no problem for me though, because your Uncle Greg used to do the same thing. Well, who would have though we would have another chipmunk in our house?




Grandpa Diary #48

March 10th, 2014


Dear Kaylee,

How exciting to have your mommy’s grandma out to visit! Since your mommy’s mommy is “Nana,” your great grandma is “Nana G.” Just like a rapper…

It is so much fun watching you interact with all these special women in your life. Your joy and their joy grows and this is so important for you, your family and, actually, for the world.

You see, Kaylee, you get to take on the same key role your mommy, Nana, and Nana G. have in their lives. “Joyful daughters.” I am reading a book (Joy Starts Here) about how joy is wired into our brains and how being a “joy starter” is what we do when we follow Jesus together. Jesus said his teaching on earth was so we could be filled with his joy and spread joy (John 15:11). Here is where you come in, Kaylee. I am quoting from the book:

“Joyful group identity grows where there is regard for the weak. One of the best tests for a joyful group identity is a high concentration of hopeful daughters. More gentle protector skills pass from one generation to the next through daughters than any other way. Joyful little girls who love the way that babies, women, mothers and wives are treated by both men and women in their culture will look forward to starting joyful families of their own. Hopeful daughters will grow a joyful generation and joyful group identity…Hopeful girls will raise hopeful families (p. 79).”

Well, Kaylee, Grandpa’s little joy starter, you sure are off and running!


Grandpa Diary #44

February 27th, 2014

Dear Kaylee,

Come on now. Grandpa goes out of town for one day and you go ahead and start crawling. What’s with that?

Nana gets to see you crawl and I get a picture and a video. O, well. You are really moving now. In my head, I was hearing the song, “Going Mobile,” by The Who, as you are moving about, but boy, that really dates me.

Then I just saw you on Facetime and you were crawling backward. Instead of the “Moonwalk,” you were doing the “Mooncrawl.” I would start humming “Bille Jean,” but that would date me again, so I will just say it is hilarious watching you and keep working on that core strength!


Grandpa Diary #36

December 24th, 2013

photo (21)
Dear Kaylee,

Happy five months! You are sure getting to be a big girl. As we talked about earlier this week, it was your mommy and daddys’ wedding anniversary on Tuesday. The second anniversary is a “cotton” anniversary, so your mommy gave your daddy some clothes and your daddy cooked your mommy a wonderful dinner with dessert, all made from scratch, because your daddy is a great cook! He even studied at cooking school.

What about the cotton? Your daddy had cotton scented candles…

Kaylee, I’ll tell you a story about your mommy relating to your daddy. When they started going out, your mommy was pretty interested in your daddy. Then, later, I knew she was really interested because we had a daddy/ daughter talk.

We were in Maui in August, and we went for a walk along the beach at night. It was a beautiful night (always is in Maui as you will find out) and we sat on a rock wall next to the beach. Your mommy was telling me all about your daddy, and I knew, “O, O,” this could be the “one.”

Well, sure enough, your daddy was the “one.” Still is, except this time, now your mommy has the one, your daddy; your daddy has the one, your mommy; and together they have the one…

You, Kaylee


Grandpa Diary #35

December 10th, 2013


Dear Kaylee,

Well, today is a special day for your mommy and daddy. It is their second wedding anniversary! Only two short years ago today they were married at our church. It was a beautiful wedding filled with so much joy.

Kaylee, guess what? At your mommy and daddy’s wedding, Grandpa got to pretend he was like Superman…

Here is what happened.

As you know, Grandpa is a pastor, but at weddings it is the custom for the father of the bride to walk her down the aisle. So, what do I do?

Well, I walked your mommy down the aisle wearing my tuxedo, and then gave your mommy to your daddy as the sign of our blessing. Then, I quickly went behind the altar and took my coat off and put on my robe and came back to your mommy and daddy as the pastor, ready to continue the service.

Madonna? Beyonce? Gaga? They got nothing on Grandpa!

Kaylee, chances are, someday you are going to get married. You will meet a special man like your mommy did and then your daddy will walk you down the aisle. I pray to God that I will be there waiting as the pastor, and this time, I can just keep my robe on and not have to do a “costume change.”


Grandpa Diary #33

December 2nd, 2013


Dear Kaylee,

I sure am glad they invented Facetime and Google +. You can make a video call and see someone, as well as talk to them. This was especially good when I was visiting my mommy and daddy, so they got the chance to see you “live.” They enjoyed that so much! Got the chance to see you smile and make faces.

My favorite thing is like what happened last night. I called your mommy on Google+ and she said you had been fussy. Yep, you were doing a bit of whining in your crib, but when your mommy put the phone in front of you and I said, “Kaaaayleeee! Kaaaayleeeee!” you stopped whining and broke out in a big smile.

Grandpa’s voice did the trick!

It is funny how my voice calms you down when, of course, I am a pretty loud person. So, for you, loud means, “Grandpa!”

I can whisper to you, too, so I guess that will sound like a normal person and Nana will like that better…

Loud Grandpa

Grandpa Diary #32

November 26th, 2013


Dear Kaylee,

I am on my way to the airport. I am visiting my mommy and daddy in Minnesota. We saw them in July, but I need to see them again. It is really hard for my mommy to remember me at all. I am hoping when she sees me and hugs me, a part of her brain will click into a thought that says,

“I know this guy. He’s my little boy. My Dudey.”

Your great-grandma always called me, “Dudey.” or “Dude,” or “Dudeblatz.”

I have no idea how we came up with that last one!

You know I have about 12 names I call you. The one I use the most is Kaylee Q.” Or just, “Q.”

I don’t know why I call you this, Kaylee Q, but it just fits!


How To Be A Christian Without Being A Jerk

Faith in real life