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“Am I 102?”

October 10th, 2013

“Bills increasing access to abortion signed by Gov. Jerry Brown”
-San Jose Mercury News

“Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill allowing more medical professionals to perform abortions…The Assembly passed the bill on a 50-25 vote in May, and the state Senate passed it on a 50-25 vote in August, with most Democrats and no Republicans voting for it.”

Dear 101 lawmakers of California,

You have ignored every instinct you have ever had, every bit of intelligence you have ever mustered, every sense of moral outrage you have ever possessed, and you have willingly decided to make it more likely that children in our state are killed on purpose.

No amount of linguistic gymnastics (“reproductive health,” “women’s rights”), no attempt to “plead the fifth” morally and philosophically (sorry, everyone has a worldview; everyone has a filter) no trying to change the subject to “what about children killed in war” and such (yep, that’s horrendous, too, but let’s focus here…), no, I’m sorry, but any attempt to explain or justify what has just happened is never going to change the fact that you have consciously decided to make it more likely that children in our state will be killed on purpose.

100% of you were not aborted when you were children.100% of you. 100% of children who were aborted and 100% of the children who will be aborted, more now according to your own estimates and according to your vote, well, they had no chance to decide on anything. They’re dead.

You see, children who are killed on purpose don’t have voice or vote. So, you, 101 human beings who have escaped being killed as children (50 Assembly, 50 House, and the Governor of California), you have made it law that there will be more children who will not have the same right to live. You have made it more likely that children now and in the future will not have the most precious gift, life, that you, the 101, take for granted every day.

They didn’t get to vote on this. They were never heard on this issue. But they are heard, according to my worldview.

Hear these words.

“I have heard the cry of my people…”


Dana Hanson

(Wrestling with God and my conscience because I am part of a culture that practices child sacrifice, and wrestling because I am one who voted for one of you. Wrestling continues…)

…fill the earth…

February 12th, 2009
Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008

In the phrase,”…fill the earth…” (Genesis 1:28), “fill” means, “to satisfy.”
I remember the scares of the “population explosion,” predicted by Paul Ehrlich in The Population Bomb (1968). There would be mass starvation in the 1970′s, where “hundreds of millions of people” would starve to death in global famine.

Not only did this famine not occur, but actually, the population rate of the world has been declining since 1970, and the prediction (UN reports) is sometime around 2070 the world will reach zero population growth.

Ironically, most countries in the MDC (more developed country) category are trying to implement a pronatal policy.

I’ll let you debate “carbon footprints” and the rest. It takes 2.1 children to sustain a level population rate, and we have 3 and so we did our part to “fill” the earth, and we find our children very “satisfying.”

How To Be A Christian Without Being A Jerk

Faith in real life