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July 14th, 2015


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Publisher’s Note

A daily tool intended as a catalyst for life change aimed at the everyday adult and young adult. Along with Dallas’ writings, author Dana Hanson, a long-time student and friend of Dallas, relies heavily on the influence of personal conversations with Dallas and the experiences he witnessed of the model of Dallas’ life for over 12 years. Begun with the purpose of making the work of Dallas more accessible for his own adult children, Dana takes the best of Dallas’ thinking, including some specific concepts and language from Renovation Of The Heart: An Interactive Student Edition, by Dallas Willard and Randy Frazee, and blends this with illustrations from popular culture and his own personal transformation. In clear and concise daily words, Dana invites the reader to join him on this path of transformation, open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.



“My friend Dallas Willard would love this little book because it is
intended to form rather than just inform the reader. Those who choose
to take Dana Hanson’s seventy day journey will discover that Jesus
truly invited us into an “easy yoke” of daily intimacy with Him.”

—Bill Dwyer, Dallas’ former pastor

“I strongly recommend this series…With intelligence and compassion,
Dana Hanson helps us through barriers to real life companionship with
Jesus in the Kingdom of God now and right where we are.”

—Dallas Willard, author of The Divine Conspiracy on Dana Hanson’s How to Be a Christian Without Being a Jerk


“Dana will take you on a 70-day enjoyable and refreshing tour of some of Dallas’ most thought provoking sayings and introduce you to the wonderful life that Jesus promised. (John10:10b). While written for everyone, this book should be a required tour for college students, in particular incoming freshmen.”

— Lynn Cory, pastor, author of Neighborhood Initiative and the
Love of God, and leader of Neighborhood Initiative


“Dana Hanson, one of the premiere preachers in America today,
leads you through a clear path upward which opens your receptivity
to joy and all things spiritual. Take a “before” picture of yourself before
reading this—you won’t be in the same place afterwards”

— David Housholder, author of Kindle top-5 self help book
The Seven Secrets to a Meaningful Life

Psalm 10

March 2nd, 2015

10:1 Why, O Lord, do you stand far away?    Why do you hide yourself in times of trouble?

God does not need to test you to find out about you…He already knows. So understand that testing comes, but it’s not God’s work to test by causing suffering…When trouble does come, the important thing is to understand that God is against it.

-Dallas Willard

What happens if you choose to ignore God?

July 9th, 2012

Living With a Ruined Heart

“Acting on belief that is based on evidence” is a good definition of faith. When an atheist claims there is no God, the belief is not based on a solid body of evidence. There is so much evidence to the contrary, it may be the atheist has more “blind faith” than faith.

Romans 1:20 (NLT)
From the time the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky and all that God made. They can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse whatsoever for not knowing God.

Today, we are able to see way more of “earth and sky and all that God made.” The evidence for design in the universe- and the big bang evidence for space, time, energy and matter being created simultaneously- all point to to a likely conclusion that there is a causative, extra-dimensional agency. This doesn’t specifically warrant this being the God of the Bible, but there is other evidence for that being the case. Let’s just consider a “god” in general.

Why do a small minority of people not trust there is a god? Why do so many more people act as if there is no god? The challenge is, if God exists then God must somehow be in charge. If God is in charge then guess what? We’re not.

The path of ruin begins with the heart. Choices are made as if there is no God. These choices affect all the other parts of our lives. We wish to be in charge and if God exists we can’t logically hold to that viewpoint. So we begin to deceive ourselves in one of two ways. We either choose to believe there is no God, or we act as if there is no God. Either way we lose. This is why unhealthy behavior by atheists and by people who identify as Christian can look very similar. One ignores the consequences of there being a God, and the other acts as if God doesn’t care. If we keep choosing to ignore God, we keep ignoring the blessings God has in store for us. When our hearts are turned in another direction, we cannot be our best, true selves.

Look for evidence of God today.


To Begin Again

June 13th, 2012

First in a series on transformation from the inside out. This is a book based on the teachings of Dallas Willard, in particular from Renovation of the Heart. Start here, be open to the Holy Spirit, and get ready to go!

We are designed to be in relationship with Jesus. The Christian life is not a set of rules and regulations. The Bible is not a rulebook, but a description of this way of life. We do not have a list of laws that we follow to become worthy of attention from God. To grow in faith, we live the life we are designed to live, and we are transformed from the inside out.

This is the key. Inside out. Not a flurry of activities that make us acceptable to receive God’s love. God already loves us and we are open to being changed from the inside out.

We don’t do good things to please God. We become the kind of persons who can do good things naturally because we are being transformed. It is out of the “becoming” that the “doing” follows.

(Note: Each day you will have the chance to think deeply or do something. Why not?)

What is the most important class you have ever taken? Why was it so key?


How To Be A Christian Without Being A Jerk

Faith in real life