How To Be A Christian Without Being A Jerk

Faith in real life

Grandpa Diary #6

July 19th, 2013

Dear Kaylee,

Well, I finally got to snuggle with you again. I held you for about an hour and a half while you slept, and you opened your eyes when I shifted you to the other side of your head. You like left cheek on chest, rather than right cheek. You mommy told me to to shift you every once in a while so you wouldn’t get used to just one side. Mommys’ know, so I did.

While you were sleeping on my chest, your mommy read you my favorite book that I used to read to her. “I Love You Forever.” It was really, really, wonderful to hear my baby say these same words to her baby.

“I love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.” (I whispered, “my Kaylee, you’ll be,” to myself.)

The book was extra special because your mommy just got a package with many children’s books that your Great Uncle Mark had at his home. It has been a very say time for all of us because Uncle Mark got really, really sick, and died in April. We will always be sad, but we have peace and joy knowing he is fully healed and living with Jesus. Everytime we read those books to you, and you read them, it will be like your Great Uncle Mark is reading them to you, too.

When you were born, it was extra special for your Grandma Hanson, because she is so very sad about her brother she loves so much. My heart hurts lots, so I can’t imagine how much she hurts. But, when you came into our world fully, only one week ago today, I saw joy come into her eyes and shine on her face, such as I haven’t seen for a long time.

That’s what you are Kaylee, a heart healer.

Well, I have to go because Grandma and I are going out for dinner. It’s our 27th wedding anniversary! Next time, I will tell you all about that!


How To Be A Christian Without Being A Jerk

Faith in real life