How To Be A Christian Without Being A Jerk

Faith in real life

Grandpa Diary #34

December 10th, 2013
Great-Great Grandma Hanson Great-Great Grandma Hanson

Dear Kaylee,

I told you I went back to visit my mommy two weeks ago. While I was there, I got the chance to look at old pictures that my mommy and daddy collected over the years and I saw a picture of my Grandma Hanson. She was such a wonderful part of my life. She loved me lots just like your grandmas. The most love she ever showed is that she really had an influence on my faith in Jesus. She would read to me from the Bible, tell me Bible stories, and she would pray with me, all from when I was just a little baby like you. Some of my earliest memories of my grandma I connect with Jesus.

Grandma Hanson was quiet and calm and she would never let anything get her upset. Here is one story about this.

You are going to discover that your Grandpa (me) will forget where I put stuff. Always have since I was a little boy. Well, one day, when I was probably about 14 years old or so, Grandma Hanson was nice enough to drive me to the golf course. I used the car keys to open up the trunk of her car, got my golf clubs out, but I had put the keys in the trunk and forgot to grab them when I shut the trunk. In those days there was no switch to open the trunk in the car. So, we were stuck.

At least your great-great grandma was stuck. She said I needed to get going and play golf and she would call my Grandpa Hanson and ask him to come out with spare keys to open the trunk. So that’s what I did. Well, my Grandpa wasn’t the calmest guy in the world, and as I am writing about this now, I realize he must have yelled at Grandma Hanson and probably wasn’t very nice about it.

“For crying out loud, Kap…!!” (Her nickname was, “Kap”)

All I know is that when I was done golfing, Grandma Hanson came back to pick me up and never said a word about the keys.

Kaylee, your mommy has a lot of patience, too. She has 12.5% of Grandma Hanson in her DNA, so that shouldn’t be a surprise. This means you get 6.25% of your great-great grandma, too. Boy, are you lucky! You would have loved your great-great Grandma Hanson. She would have kissed you, hugged you, made you cookies, and never once get angry with you.

I don’t know how she did it, but I think it might have something to do with how much she loved Jesus…


How To Be A Christian Without Being A Jerk

Faith in real life